Mysterious Clouds Enable Time Travel

So do you believe in time travel? Jenny Randles, the author of Time Storms: Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts, and Time Travel certainly does. She wrote the book in order to argue how time travel is happening all around us, all over the world. According to her, time travel is a perfectly natural byproduct of quantum physics, just one the world doesn’t understand yet. All of the events she discusses involved a strange “time cloud” which enveloped the unwitting traveler and pulled them into another dimension or time. She believes this is the source of what some think are alien abductions. They definitely both have missing time involved.

  • Putre, Chile, 1977 – At 3:50 a.m. on April 24, during army training exercises, a guard saw two fuzzy violet lights descending from the mountain and heading their way. At 4:15 a.m., Corporal Armando Valdez set out into the dark to investigate them. He returned 15 minutes later, but from the opposite direction in which he set out. He seemed to be in a kind of trance, muttering, “You do not know who we are or where we come from.” Inexplicably, the corporal had several days growth of beard, and his watch had stopped at 4:15 – but showed a date of April 30!
  • Oxford, Maine, 1975 – At 3 a.m. on October 27, David Stephens, 21, and an 18-year-old friend were in a wooded area when they heard a strange sound. They got in their car to go investigate, and the vehicle was soon enveloped in a colored glow. There was a blink in reality and the two instantly found them about a mile away with the car pointing in the opposite direction. They subsequently suffered various physical abnormalities, including severe disorientation.
  • Somerset, England, 1974 – On July 28, Peter Williamson was having a barbecue in his backyard garden, which was interrupted by a heavy electrical storm. His dog, spooked by the threatening atmosphere, cowered under a tree. Peter went to rescue the animal. There was a bright flash – and Peter vanished into thin air! Police were called and a thorough investigation and search were conducted, without success. At 8 a.m., three days later, Peter was found in some nearby bushes with one foot in a pond – as if he had just appeared there out of nowhere.

     Linhares, Brazil, 1981 – On April 20, Jorge Ramos, who was a representative for a chemical company, left his home at 6 p.m. to travel a few miles to a meeting. He never arrived. His Volkswagen was found on a side road a few miles from his home; the key was still in the ignition and all his business and personal effects were in the car. Police investigations could not account for what happened to Jorge or where he was. Five days later, his wife received a frantic call from Jorge. He said that while driving his car he was covered in a strange white glow after which he found himself in a dreamy, floating state. He came to standing by an unfamiliar road and sought help. To his shock, he discovered that the date was now April 25 – and he was 600 miles from home!

According to the author, there are many more events akin to these, which she did not include. All the incidents involve a bizarre energy cloud, which she believes is responsible for unexplained phenomena such as teleportation, gravitational anomalies and even time travel. She calls the resulting disorientation “the Oz factor.”

I suppose you have to actually buy the book in order to read the science behind her theories, but she basically argues there are periodic rifts in space-time, which can pull you in and deposit you back in your time when conditions allow. I’m tempted to buy this book, it sounds like a trippy episode of the X-files and I would like to know how she explains where these time clouds come from. I don’t know what Jenny Randles put forth as her scientific basis, but I know many physicists have argued time travel could be possible under the right conditions. They avoid terms like travel or moving because it implies a shifting of space rather than time. General relativity posits if a traveler moved away from Earth and returned, more time would have passed on Earth than for the traveler. This could arguably allow someone to ‘travel into the future.’ Some argue that with a closed timelike curve (a material particle in space-time returning to its starting point) could allow for backwards time shifts. If the loop returns to its starting point, you could theoretically go back in time. Others have said time travel is possible through wormholes (if somehow you knew the wormholes could be traveled through).

Other theories point to a dense spinning cylinder usually referred to as the Tipler cylinder. If the cylinder is infinitely long and spinning fast enough, a spaceship could theoretically fly around the cylinder in a spiral motion and travel backwards or forwards in time (depending on which direction the cylinder is spinning). Apparently such a cylinder could be built from a cosmic string, a theoretical 1 dimensional topographical defect formed during a symmetry phase transition when the symmetry of the vacuum manifold (quantum state with the lowest possible energy) is not simply connected (there are no paths connecting two points). Okay, let me break that down. They compare the cosmic string to cracks that form in ice. At some point when the universe shifted from one phase of matter to another and there was a breakdown in symmetry during the transition. If someone could explain these hypothetical concepts better, I would be ever so grateful.


cosmic string

So, physicists love to argue about time travel, especially arguing paradoxes and solutions to them. One such paradox is the notion that if you could travel back in time, you could theoretically kill your own grandfather, thus negating your father’s existence and your own as well. That Futurama episode explains this paradox the best, I would say.

One thing I would like to ask the author is about the time clouds. Why are they different colors? Radles goes on to argue UFO visitations or extraterrestrials could actually be visitors from a different dimension or a different time period. Perhaps, even from future Earth. This has been a popular theory in the UFO community for a while now, instead of other planets, perhaps they’re from other planets in other dimensions? There are places in the universe where time is in flux, such as black holes. Some other UFO fanatics will tell you that are how extraterrestrials travel to our world, that it is a time portal. If you’re into the paranormal, I’m sure you’ve heard about the supposed time traveler in Charlie Chaplin’s movie in 1928. There are plenty of examples like this floating around the Internet, I promise. Whether they exemplify the misunderstood truth of time travel remains to be proven. They’re certainly unsettling, but who can say how valid they are? Stephen Hawking argues that if there were time travelers we would be surrounded by time travelers from the future, and since there aren’t any, there must not be time travel. Though, perhaps people from the future surround us and they’re just incognito. I’m definitely intrigued; if I ever encounter a strange glowing cloud I’ll be sure to either run straight towards it or as far away from it as possible. Not sure about which, yet.

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  1. I read about time travel and it was very intriguing. There are many mysteries that we cannot understand, this must be one of them. When life becomes more like science fiction- it’s hard to fathom but an open mind helps to eventually discern truth. Thanks for the story!

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