The Navy, NOAA, and Mermaids


The discovery channel recently aired a documentary suggesting the existence of mermaids. They had actors playing the supposedly involved members of the NOAA and various reputable organizations. Here’s the gist:

2 boys stumbled upon a mass whale beaching in Washington State and took a picture of an unknown creature with their camera phone. Officials in HAZMAT suits tried to convince them they had only seen a seal. NOAA investigated the beaching and believed it was related to Navy sonar testing. People in HAZMAT suits cornered off part of the beach. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Robertson and researcher Rebecca Davis of the marine mammals division analyzed the bodies to determine the cause of death. Each whale had blood coming from its ears as if it had undergone some sort of trauma. Upon closer inspection, they found small lesions in the intestinal tissue in all the of the whales. They believed the whales had them as a result of the sonar blast. The NOAA had inadvertently recorded the entire event, which I heard, and it was heartbreaking (nothing like hearing a majestic creature scream in pain as it is being brutally killed.) The NOAA continued to investigate whale beachings as they unfortunately continued around the world. They wanted to know what was killing the whales in order to stop it, but they were also interested in a creature rumored to be washing up with the whale carcasses. Their recording had caught the sounds of a creature unlike a whale or dolphins, strangely similar to the 1997 Bloop recording. They called in Dr. Rodney Webster, an expert in animal language and vocalizations. After accounting for the spectrogram frequencies above the range of human hearing, Dr. Webster confirmed it was unlike any recording of whales or dolphins he had studied in for the past thirty years. When decreasing the speed to one-third the original, Dr. Webster was able to distinguish six different voiceprints and thousands of signifiers, or as we call them, words. The creatures were using language.

Scientists in South Africa contacted the researchers after recording what they believed was the same creature, just prior to another sonar blast resulting in more dead whales. The recording sounded as if the creatures were speaking with dolphins. The NOAA petitioned the Navy about their tests killing whales and dolphins and received no response. The NOAA discovered a shark killed by the sonar blasts, which had ingested several animals such as seals and dolphins but also contained remains of an unknown species. They had no way of explaining the source of puncture marks on the shark, with a stingray tail within it. Hammerhead sharks are known to eat stingrays but this shark was a Great White shark and they don’t mess with stingrays. The scientists wondered where the stingray tail had come from. After discarding the bones they recognized as belonging to seals or dolphins they were left with the remains of an unknown creature. They set aside DNA to be tested and examined each part left behind. The creature had a hinged rib cage, an evolutionary trait allowing marine mammals to be able to dive. They found teeth and were surprised to find different kinds of teeth (including molars, incisors, and canines.) Marine mammals have all of the same teeth.

The researchers were able to recover an estimated 30% of the creature’s body. At first they wondered if perhaps it was a manatee species thought to be extinct, since the creature had a similar tail fluke. Then they found the creature had bones inside their tail fluke a feature no manatee has, living or extinct. The scientists were able to recover part of the skull, enough to send it away for reconstruction. They noted that the skull had a pronounced ridge on the forehead, allowing the creature to cut through the water for better speed. The femur bones they found were long, unlike any marine mammal. So at this point they knew it was not a seal, not a manatee, talks to dolphins, but it is not a dolphin. They were puzzled to find a whalebone with a notch inside of it until they were able to fit the stingray tail from the puncture wound inside the notch and it fit perfectly. It looked like the creature had been using a handcrafted tool. After analyzing the phalanges they had trouble getting the arrangement to work, so they called in Dr. Stephen Pielson of the Smithsonian an expert on animal structure. He was amazed to realize the hip structure was actually very familiar, it had high ridge crest to support weight and had similar crests on hips. They formed the same structure as an animal that walks up on two legs, the only animal known to do so being humans (and Bigfoot, of course). They found small bones they believed were part of the fins or flippers but no structure proposed would fit. Then they realized the bones actually fit if arranged into a hand structure. They found an enlarged spleen, an important organ for marine mammals allowing them to store oxygen for deep dives.

Using the skull reconstruction they were able to predict the size of different parts of the brain based on our own brain structure. The opening of the frontal skull was concave and had an extensive system of sinuses inside the skull allowing for the creature to broadcast an incredible range of sound. Based on the proportions of the skull, the sound interpretation center would have been twice as large. The sonar tests continued, a man working the Navy stated they were trying make sound into a weapon so they could disable enemies from far distances by rattling their internal organs. The blast originated from an apparatus securely locked inside of sealed, waterproof cases placed underwater. The cases were capable of withstanding huge amounts of pressure, but the Navy was baffled to find the cases pulled off. No creature should have been able to do that and no one besides the Navy knew of their position. The NOAA was amazed to realize the 1997 Bloop, the 2004 Bloop they recorded at the whale beaching, and the South African Bloop were all the same creature. The one they had found inside the belly of the shark. The creature only fit the appearance of marine human, or a mermaid. Mermaids have been reported for thousands of years all over the world, even by different civilizations that had never interacted.

The show went on to explain the Aquatic Ape theory, the idea that during the transition from our last common ancestor from apes to hominid (human), humans went through an aquatic stage. In this stage aquatic-ape like creatures are believed to have developed. Coastal flooding millions of years ago may have brought some of our ancestors deeper into water in order to acquire food. While we evolved from apes into terrestrial humans, our aquatic relatives would have evolved into creatures evocative of the fabled mermaid. According their website, The evidence for this theory lies in the strange differences between humans and primates as well as the features we have in common with marine mammals. • Webbing between fingers (other primates don’t have this) • Subcutaneous fat (insulating from cold water) • Control over breath (humans can hold breath up to 20 minutes, longer than any other terrestrial animal) • Loss of body hair (hair creates drag in water) • Instinctive ability to swim (human babies are able to do this) A highly developed brain, which depends on nutrients provided by seafood The Aquatic phase took place more than 5 million years ago. Since then, Homo has had five million years to re-adapt to terrestrial life. It is not surprising that the traces of aquatic adaptation have become partially obliterated and have gone unrecognized for so long. Here is how they depict the hypothetical common ancestor:

 charming right?

According to the scientists, some sort of police officials came early in the morning on 8/8/05 and confiscated all their work including the files, the body, and the skull reconstruction. What they did not take was the recording; either because they didn’t know it was there or could not take it. They came in with all the right sort of documentation and clearances and confiscated everything they could get their hands on. The scientists were extremely upset about this. All of the scientists then had their visas revoked immediately and had to return the U.S. One member of their team left the NOAA to search for the creature. The rest went to track down the kids who had first seen the strange creature at the whale beaching in Washington State. The kids showed them a picture they had drew matching the depiction the scientists had developed. Then, the boy brought out his camera phone. The officials who talked to the boys and tried to convince them they had just seen a dead seal, which looked very strange from decomposition, had not thought to check their phones. The picture looked just like the scientist’s reconstruction. The scientists went on to petition the American and South African governments for the return of their research but were denied. The American government contacted them to tell them they had tested the DNA and said it must have been contaminated with human DNA because the findings were too close. They basically wrote this discovery out of history. Rather than acknowledging the discovery of a new relative to humans they said human DNA must have contaminated it.

Though the scientists could not get their research back, they decided they would continue in their study. They looked at the different spots where whales had been beached and realized they were migratory routes. The creature reported to have washed up with them must have been traveling with them. As they knew the migratory routes the whales traveled, they tried to find them. They believe they saw them that day. Though it may have been a radically significant scientific discovery they came to realize it may be best we don’t know about them, since when our species lived alongside Neanderthals we wiped them out. They still fervently believe the mermaids are out there.

They point to the unique behavior of dolphins in places like Brazil, SW Africa, and SE Asia as further evidence. There, fisherman go into the shallows and call to the dolphins, who corral schools of fish toward them and into the fisherman’s nets. The dolphins know it is okay if they get caught in the net because they will be released. Upon catching, the dolphins are given their share of the haul. How did this cooperation develop? The scientists believe it is a natural result of our evolutionary relatives long companionship with dolphins.

38 thoughts on “The Navy, NOAA, and Mermaids

  1. This is the most AMAZING footage and information I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing this information with the public! Our government really needs to change as they keep too many secrets from the world! I hope someone outs them with documentation on aliens next! GOD BLESS……

    • I agree its a terrible thing to keep these stories buried. They could and would change everything. That’s probably what the government is afraid of, how could they control people if they were to become something completely different? They better confess about aliens soon, we’re all getting fed up with their lies.

        • Yeah, you’re probably right. They’re better off hiding until governments are less corrupt. I love that they can talk to dolphins and whales, mermaids existing makes me better understand why that dolphin looked at me like an old friend.

    • Pluto wasn’t a planet after all! Maybe when things will be revealed soon , Humans aren’t apes , maybe mermaids… who knows… maybe the other way around……But , we’re all sorry . It’s SECRET.

      • Yeah, its really hard to believe a government has your best interests in mind when they withhold so much information. I’d love for the truth to come out.

    • when the government is concealing things it usually means they’re involved and don’t want people to find the extent of involvement else they would not mind civilian interaction and assistance. what that would mean is what is going on under the ocean that resulted in this situation? it is not far fetched to realize scientists are experimenting with human dna interaction into other species to create hybrid species. but to do so in the open would mean negative press obviously so that would have to be done in a very concealed environment. now how much of the public spends a lot of time under the ocean? so is this not a great place to hide experiments of this sort? just thinking out loud. and we remember the cloning stuff they came out with in the early part of the 21st century and now how much do we hear about that? and how much did we hear about it prior to it surfacing? my point exactly. this stuff is going on but we just don’t think about it with our day-to-day lives.

  2. I absolutely loved the documentary, not the fact that these poor sea animals have been tortured and killed by the Navy but the facts supporting the idea of there being a human like creature out their (Mermaids). I’m a believer in the mermaid theory. NOAA and all the supporting evidence in proving there is something that as served many and many of years undiscovered and is also human like. I don’t understand why this is so farfetched of an idea. Everything evolves over time, and that’s never been questioned or stolen from the Navy. There are so many mythical creatures out there, but what I don’t understand is why the Navy has put so much time and effort in coving up and denying any truth to the possible of there being a mermaid. Why do they care? Don’t they have bigger thing to deal with ? But yet every single time something new is discovered by scientist in regards to mermaids…the Navy steps in to seize it all, why? I also agreed with what was said, I hope we never learn the truth and mermaids stay deep beneath the waters, because if not MAN will hunt, kill, and exploit them just as everything else. So many of us believe in guardian angels …well my theory is that mermaids are real they do exist and will continue to exist as long as they remain undiscovered. I’m choosing to believe there they protectors of the sea (Guardian Angels) of the sea. Doing their best to protect the beautiful creatures form being killed by man.

    • I hated knowing that the navy killed so many beautiful creatures just for some test and continued testing even after they knew what would happen!
      I think they’re trying to cover it up because it would prove our environmental destruction has had immediate, deadly consequences for the only other humanoid species in the world. It seems too suspicious that so many people would come forward risking their careers and reputations in support of the evidence they found if there wasn’t something to it. People are saying its just hype but I think its because the idea makes them uncomfortable. It completely changes our worldview and our entire evolutionary history. I agree that its best we don’t ever find them, I think governments would try to make them into a threat to be destroyed asap. Much like whales, they could have so much too teach us about living with our environment instead of against it. I think they’re protectors of the sea as well, I think they hang around with whales and dolphins who protect it as well. In Asia they believe in benevolent sea and river dragons which not only protect the water but aid mankind. I hate that government agencies cover up truly amazing discoveries just because they’re afraid it may change everything. I hope someday I catch a glimpse of a mermaid, I doubt they’re as scary as some people said, those people were probably just doing something wrong to the Ocean or its creatures.

    • the evidence certainly is in favor of mermaids being real. My guess is governments will cover it up just like they stole the evidence from the scientists.

      • instead of dolphins or marmeid, try look for PS3, Cannon EOS 550D, Sony Vaio, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius or even Tenga……see got any of the mentioned stuffs floating around?if u r lucky might even get some AV…….u know what….

      • They claim they don’t believe in this or say that it is bulls#!t, but, they sure spdnea LOT of time perusing around these sites.Their like little kids who won’t stay in their own back-yard, they just want to go and trample on everyone elses garden. )O(

  3. well wut ever was found should be told to the public. but like aleays we gotta wait wut 50 sum year before they “declassified” wut they found and uts sad most ppl will forget avout this. im just sayin take it to the news instead of hearing bout stupid stuff on the news like a celebrity havin a baby. usuless info when news talks bout celebrities

    • I know! I would love to live in a country that didn’t worship celebrities, but I’m not sure one exists. The miraculous discoveries like mermaids and extraterrestrials get buried but we all have to hear about stupid celebrities.

  4. That was a very interesting show. Our government covers up way more then we will ever know. Please send an email to me of when it will be on again.

    • I’m with you. I think the government would have to cover this up because it gives a whole new meaning to environmental destruction. thats a good way to put it, theres so much we don’t know. I think mermaids could easily avoid detection, especially if they realized their lives depended on it.

  5. I just watched your documentary about beached whales along the Washington coast, and the strange animal that two boys discovered. This triggered an long lost memory courtesy of cousin, when he came home on leave after spending 6 months at sea on a Navy Destroyer. That was 39 yeears ago. Navy destroyer, he has a very tall tale to tell about about something he saw swimming with dolphins. Every monring he would go up to the top deck and look at the ocean, searching for whales and dolphins. One morning as a pod of dolphins were swimming parallel to the ship he noticed something strange swimming with the dolphins. It was not a fish…approx eight foot long, with very large fins and webbed fingers. It’s head was shaped like a human. He saw several of these beings – some swimming beside the dolphins and some riding on their back. When he shared this news with his shipmates, they nearly laughed him off the ship. From that time forward they called him Mermaide Boy.

    Have you thought about raising the necessary funding to locate and film these magnificent cousins of ours. It would be next in line to discovering aliens, and an incredible scientific find…keepinjg the actual location top secret, of course.

    Let me know if you have interest and I will direct you several well-funded maritime research organizations. I think they would love such a project.
    God’s Speed and warm wishes

    • Wow. thats an amazing story. I wish I could have seen it. I would love to be able to find mermaids but I’m afraid the proof of their existence would be damaging. I think the only way to track them would be to look at dolphin and whale populations and where they migrate toward during breeding season. It seems crazy and terrible to think of, but I think there would be some people that would want to make mermaids seem like a threat to us and attack them. Sort of like with aliens. They take something miraculous and magnificent and want to eradicate it as quickly as possible. I’d love to actually see them, or even hear them like the recording where they spoke with the dolphins. I’m sure its a life changing experience.
      God’s speed and warm wishes to you as well, I hope you get to glimpse the mermaids someday!

  6. Why can’t the so called government leave things alone. This is a lot of bull. All they can think of is to hunt anything down so they can kill it or study it. Leave the beautiful creatures alone. How would they feel if they were hunted by an animal or a mammal hunt them to be studied or even killed? Just because they are different! Leave our oceans and our mother earth alone and stop raping her. That’s all people do anymore. Lets all take a stand together and save the wild of our planet. Please, before it’s to late to change.
    To me, the military, will see or find things they don’t understand and kill it just to test a weapon. That’s a lot of bull. Go some where else to do your testing and leave the wild life alone.

    • Hell yeah! I worry everyday that it will be too late before we shift to alternative energies and stop destroying the environment. It really scares me, I love nature and animals and I can’t stand people sacrificing them for the sake of little green pieces of paper. The true miracle on this planet is life, and so many are willing to kill just to get money or power to continue to abuse other life. I fear that someday we wont even have any animals, just the representations of them, just stuffed animals and drawings instead of the real thing. It makes me angry that people treat the death of an animal as if its nothing. they say “oh well theres a lot more of them, they’re fine.” you don’t catch someone saying that about a human! The navy testing weapons that kill majestic creatures makes me feel ashamed to be the same species. I can’t believe they would ever continue these tests despite knowing the horrible deaths they inflicted. How can people be so heartless!?

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this information to the public. I wonder why would the government does not want the public to know about the fact of the mermaid. I even appreciate your courage to share this info. Could we get the real image of the mermaid from somewhere?

    • Thanks for writing. If there was real footage of a mermaid I bet most people would decide it was fake. I would like to see one for myself, but a picture would be awesome too!

  8. it’s an extraordinary discovery.i am letting you all to go ahead in such type of hidden secrets of our creature.
    I think the ocean is still unrevealed.

  9. There is no sound file where the priming of the navy weapon can be heard nor the event causing the death of the whales. Yes there is a bloop file at the NOAA web site, there are others as well but there is no file containing the sounds the fake documentary makes.

    If there is an actual sound file then some one email me the location or file since there is none in existence on the internet.


  10. I watched the doc and I found it quite interesting. What upset me the most til the point that I nearly cried, was the bloop from 07′. Hearing the sounds of what were like screams during the blast was horrible. I had to cover my ears. That was beyond brutal what that navy did and are continuing to do.

    • That made me cry too. I had to skip through it because hearing the screams made me feel so sad. I couldnt stop crying for a while. I can’t believe they would do that again even after they knew the consequences.

  11. Call me crazy, but I believe its pretty freaking obvious! Mermaids are just as real as we are.. look at it this way.. there has been people going against navy/gov officials for YEARS over these whale beachings and the sonar testings, there has been PLENTY of real life evidence found years before this documentary was released, and never before did the U.S officials step in, and revoke visas, and revoke evidence, and revoke research. but this time, they did,and they shut Down almost every lead that these people had, and here is the reason, they are simply afraid because they would be exposed!!! These creatures are nearly human, which means there would be inevitable evidence as to what is causing these beachings, and they are afraid also that maybe these creatures could even communicate to humans about all the marine deaths caused by us! In the past, these tests were once stopped by animal law enforcement, but then an ignorant judge claimed that these tests were no danger to marine life, and basically, these tests were more important than whales. how come back then when all of that happened, why didn’t the gov step in then and take everything away that could expose them? Oh.. that’s right, cuz they were just whales, not humanoid creatures! How is this not obvious to the world,

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