The Philadelphia Experiment


The Philadelphia Experiment, or Project Rainbow, was a controversial experiment performed in Philadelphia’s Naval Shipyard sometime around October 28th 1943. The experiment’s objective: to render the US Navy Destroyer escort USS Eldridge invisibility.

The Scientific Basis of the Experiment

The experiment was based on the Unified field theory, developed by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla before him. The theory means to describe quantify the interrelated nature of the forces making up electromagnetic radiation and gravity. To date no one was has been able to express this in mathematical or physical terms. It is knowledge believed lost to the vestiges of time. Based on some aspect of the theory the Navy meant to make large electrical generators capable of bending light around an object rendering it completely invisible. The navy sponsored the experiment because of its potential military uses.

Another version of the story

A different version says the researchers were carrying out magnetic and gravitational measurements of the seafloor in order to detect any variance. The experiment was related to Einstein’s work concerning the nature of gravity. This version tells the experiment was carried out as part of a series of related, secret experiments conducted in Nazi Germany in order to find antigravity, supposedly led by the Hans Kammler. I believe this was the version the X-files went with in their episode.


A test conducted on July 22, 1943 turned the Eldridge almost invisible and replaced with a greenish fog. The crew suffered nausea and it is said when the ship reappeared some of the sailors were embedded in the metal structures on the ship. One sailor found himself a deck lower than he had been with his hand stuck within the steel hull. The experiment was subsequently changed, the new objective to make the Eldridge invisible only to radar. The story goes on to say the researchers refused to alter the experiment, instead repeating it October 28th 1943. The Eldridge became invisible and actually physically disappeared with a flash of blue light. It was teleported to Norfolk, Virginia over 200 miles (320 km) away. It is said the ship sat in full of view of the men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth, until it vanished once more, reappearing in Philadelphia. During the experiment the ship was believed to have traveled back in time 10 seconds. Many versions of the story tell of the crew suffering side effects of the experiment including some being fused to the bulkhead and others developing mental illnesses. Supposedly the crew underwent severe brainwashing to keep them quiet.

The Unified Field Theory was developed by Einstein only to be destroyed, or so the proponents of the Philadelphia experiment and subsequent cover up would tell you. William Moore, the author of a book on the subject bases this belief on a letter from Carl Allen to Jessup. Within the letter, Allen references a conversation between Einstein and Bertrand Russell about the theory. Apparently Einstein acknowledged the theory had been solved but maintained humanity was not ready for it. Prior to his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla developed a Unified Field theory he never published. He developed a device powered by a Tesla coil capable of making things vanish and only to replicate the object nearby.

defraction film and its invisibility effect upon a spool of thread. The table top and pen are visible through the spool (A). This simple experiment proved that defraction was a viable and scientifically possible method of simulating invisibility. ( 

The implications of the Philadelphia experiment contradict physics. Einstein tried to merge gravity with electromagnetism based on the model of classical physics. However, his approaches did not allot for modern strides in quantum theory such as the existence of strong and weak nuclear force. Most physicists analyzing his geometric approach found it to be misguided. Recently, scientists have tried to develop a unified theory with a focus on quantum theory including gravitation. Invisibility cloaks created through the use of metamaterial have proved successful, however the methods employed to achieve them were unrelated with theories between electromagnetism and gravity.

Additionally, the Eldridge was supposed to be docked in NYC the day of the experiment. However, there are channels allowing travel from Philadelphia to NYC in one day. Those who believe in the experiment contest it had far reaching consequences the navy did not anticipate. They say the experiment created a rift in the space-time continuum allowing travelers from other dimensions and planets to freely come to our planet (and dimension). Usually, the Philadelphia experiment is discussed in conjunction with the Montauk project, supposedly a top-secret project carried out in underground facilities. It had to be underground, for the experiment’s main objective was to establish methods of mind control. People were kidnapped and reprogrammed to be totally susceptible to mind control. Many did not make it out. The process involved wiping memories and trigger words. The kidnapped victims of the study were subject to intense trauma in order to make their brains more malleable as preparation for the total rewrite. Supposed survivors of both experiments, such as Al Bielek, now speak about harrowing consequences of these experiments, as well as the government’s cover up, how they discredit witnesses and survivors and mislead the public. He believes the different projects are all connected in that they work toward a singular end: total control. Humanity tampering with natural forces they do not understand is a common theme, but the implications of these experiments are exceedingly more sinister. Rather than unwitting participants, those behind the study are preparing to achieve total domination of their fellow man. I for one hope the skeptics are right.

The whole thing is as outlandish sounding as it is terrifying. Oh, but don’t be scared because fear only allows them to tighten their tendrils around your cognition. Some people really believe the government is subjecting us to subconscious mind control technology through towers, commercials, movies, programs, and much more. I know it sounds like the tragic ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic, but it is freaky to watch some of the survivors of the project speak out about their experiences. Not only do they seem completely sane, but also they sound serious.

I had to stop myself from watching them because if such a thing did exist, how would we know? How could we test it? The fear of an unseen, unknown, yet pervasive threat has been an insoluble pattern pathologically recurrent in human history. Yet, if there were a government willing to do this, it would have to be corrupt, driven by the pursuit of money and power rather than the welfare of its people. So, keeping that in mind, it’s a little scarier. Oh, and if a rip in space-time isn’t crazy enough for you, the Montauk experiment had evil aliens working on it as well. Some of the kidnapped are also believed to be responsible for acts inflicting mass suffering and terror. I know, it all sounds too crazy to be believed, but so is much of history.

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