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Blue Holes and the Mysteries of the Ocean

Aerial View of Blue Hole

Enigmatic worlds dubbed “blue holes” have been discovered around the Bahamas. They contain freshwater caps set upon heavier saltwater layers, sometimes complete with clouds of poisonous hydrogen sulfide released by salt-eating microbes,which act to preserve whatever falls within. The team sent to explore in this anaerobic environment had to prepare for years to survive the experience. Luckily, returned safely having discovered

  • blind fish
  • “chemosynthetic” bacteria that live without oxygen and feast on chemical reactions possible only in the caves.
  • • Stalactite curtains, each a  record of past sea level and climate conditions
  • Fossils of Lucayan tribe members who lived on the islands until the 1500s.

Some of them even contain whirlpools surging  by the  power of the tides. A history of every climatic shift our Earth has underwent is contained within the Blue Holes  Yet, each dive into a blue hole is a dangerous endeavor– often compared to exploring the moon–so they have only been minimally explored. I would even go as far as stating these dives qualify as paranormal investigations. Many have speculated over the nature or purpose of these holes. Some believe it is where legendary monsters dwell or the secret territory of extraterrestrials. As wild as these theories may seem to you, ask yourself, how much do we really know about the Ocean? 71% of Earth is covered by Ocean. We have only explored less than 5%.

Oceanographers estimate there are around 230,000 different species, but have acknowledged the number could be up to 230,000,000. Scientists speculate there may be more than 750,000 species that have yet to be discovered. With new species discovered everyday, the amount we don’t know is staggering.

Blue Hole on the Coast of the Bahamas
Inside a Blue Hole


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